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Remote DAQ with DaqMX and LV8.2

I am trying to do development from my laptop to a remote pc with a daq card 6515.  It would be great if i could set up this card as remote, develop and test the code on the laptop, and deploy to the remote pc when complete.  Both pcs are running XP with the latest daq drivers amd max installed.  Developing with LV8.21.  what are my options?
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Can you set it up in MAX as a simulated device?
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Yes, but that doesn't allow me to test the system with real digital I/O.
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You have a few options here, none of them doing exactly what you want because that feature is not available currently.
1) Use windows remote desktop from your laptop - this way you work on the code on your remote pc at all times and don't have to transfer anything, and you have real hardware
2) Convert the remote PC to a real-time distributed system - this requires some purchase on your part and maybe a little excess to your requirements but essentially this will show up in Measurement and Automation explorer as a remote system and you can directly access the DAQ card from your laptop's LabVIEW program
3) Create the DAQ card as a simulated device, develop your code and then deploy it on the remote system.
I would highly recommend the first option as this is already available to you (all you need is internet connectivity between your computers). The second option like i said is overkill for you application.
Please let me know if you want any specific details on any of these 2 options.
What you are looking for sounds like a really useful feature for our product in the future. I would highly recommend you submit a product suggestion here so that we will look to implementing this in future releases.
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