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Real time digital input state indicator in front panel?

Hi all,


In the test panels for my DAQ card, I can see a nice LED display for the states of the digital inputs. It would be extremely useful if I could have the same thing on the front panel of my program. Is there a way to do this?


I tried using DAQ assistant, but it outputs an unusable 1-D boolean array, which, after trying to convert into something useful, such as numbers, dynamic data, strings etc, there appears to be no change in data - it remains as zero. Ideally, I would be able to convert the 1-D boolean array to a real time boolean value.


In the test panels, I can see the led lighting up when the trigger signal is detected. I am using the PFI0 to trigger the start of analogue input acquisition, so I need to know when the trigger is detected. 


Thanks for reading, I hope you can help!

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OK, I managed to work it out - I take the 1D boolean array, and use "Index Array" function, set the index to zero (constant), and the output value from this is a boolean value, which can be sent to an LED indicator. You can also create indicator from the output directly, and this will create a line of LEDs in the front panel representing the array values.
Hope this helps others!
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