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RMC design for sbRIO 9627

Currently, I am designing the RMC board that is used to connected to sbRIO9627. In our application, the GBE (after PHY), High speed USB and C series DIO are not used. How should I address these pins on the RMC connectors? Should these pins be float? or pulled up by a resistor?


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Sounds like you only need to pull-up if you need to set startup or unconfigured state. If the pins are not being used for anything, it should be fine to let them float. Check the slides attached, they are pretty informative. See also this design guide (less helpful).


NI sbRIO-9607/9627 RIO Mezzanine Card Design Guide

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Thank you for your reply. Actually, I have read this guide before. I think the design guide is kind of helpless. It dose not mention how to address those pin when they are not used. It seems that the attached slides do not mention them yet. 

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Did you see this manual as well?


NI sbRIO-9607 User Manual


From p. 29:

Note Leave reserved and unused pins disconnected on RMCs.

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Thank you AvatarAang!

The slide you shared is quite helpful.

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