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Program runs slow

I've developed a program using a PCI-6503 digital I/O board on a Celeron 2.4 Ghz computer running Windows XP. I later upgraded the computer, because I needed additional PCI slots for add-on serial printers. When I went to run the program on the new PC, I found that it ran much slower. What would cause this to occur? Thank you in advance for your help.
Tim Denson
EMCom, Inc.
Auburn, NY
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Hi Tim,

Could you give us some more information.  You mentioned that you upgraded the computer, and it goes slower, but how much slower are you talking about?  Do you know where exactly in your code it is that things are slowing down? 

Since you needed additional PCI slots it could be that you are trying to pass a lot of data on your PCI bus, if that's the case it could slow things down, particularly if you have a PCI video card or something that will eat up a lot of your bus's bandwidth. 

A few more details about your application and the specifics of what's happening would help a lot in determining what is going on.


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In addition to the Digital I/O board I am using a serial port adapter and a video card, however the video card worked fine in the slower PC. I did however discover since my initial post that the application runs great as soon as I pull the serial port adapter.
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