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Problem with PXI-6541 trigger interrupt




  I  have problem with getting trigger on PXI-6541. I have connected Busy line (shown in figure attached, it is used as trigger) on PFI 1 on CB-2162. My application requires that External signal (Figure) should be generated and SDO (Figure) should be acquired on the falling edge of Busy line.  External signal is generated from HWS file. The problem is that it is not triggered and I get time out error. My DUT voltage levels are 5V.  Also my DUT, when powered on remains in logic 0 till it receives clock(External as shown in figure). Sleep time shown in figure (Busy Line) is 6us.

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I noticed that you configured your generation task to start after de acquisition task. The acquisition task is expecting a start trigger (PFI3), if this signal does not arrives then none of the task will start. Please try to revise first that de acquisition task is starting. You can use the Highlight Execution tool for this.





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