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Problem in Acquisition with PXI-6551



I am trying to generate and acquire data between channels on PXI-6551 card. I am using the demo VI "Dynamic Generation and Acquisition-Source Synchronous". I am able to generate waveforms ( I can see on scope) but can't acquire anything. I connected PFI1 to PFI2 and CLK OUT to STROBE as mentioned in the instructions. I connected DIO0 to DIO8 and DIO7 to DIO15 but I only receive zeros.


Anything that I could be missing ?




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It looks like there are values being generated over channels 0-7, If you try to connect other channels in the 8-15 range to the generation channels, do you still see no data?

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Yes, no data is acquired on connecting 0 to 7 and 8 to 15. I haven't connected the other channels yet. If I disconnect the strobe-clk and PFI1-PFI2 connection the VI doesn't run, so the problem probably isn't in the connection.


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