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PXIe-6570 or Pxie-6556 as RFFE Slave

 Hi all,


I got a requirement something similar to the below case

  1. Needs to detect a rising edge in Pin 0 and respond high in pin 1.
  2. Needs to respond to the edge in less than 10 ns ie Clock edge detection to Data out time <10ns.
  3. Is it possible to achieve this in NI 6556 or NI 6570? (we can Ignore the external routing delay for now)
  • If we considered using the match pattern, we could see the minimum possible response time will be 800ns ie 80 clock cycles.


From the Datasheet of NI 6556

  • If we considered using hardware compare and script trigger, we could see the minimum possible response time is 1200ns


Looks like both hardware fails to meet the requirement theoretically, 

Am I missing Something? Is there an alternate way to achieve this?




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