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PXIE-8240 not recognizing 40G CSR Fiber Optic

I am trying to connect my PXIe-1095 to a Switch (SN2100). I am successfully able to use a DAC 40G copper cable, but when I switch the cable to a QSFP-CSR-40G cable, the PXIe-8240 no longer recognizes it. I looked at the known problems on the Intel-710 card (in the 8240), and saw that I have to disable auto-negotation on the switch which I did. However, I still am not having any success.


Has anyone encountered this issue or have any idea how to resolve this?



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Upon further testing with other transceivers, it appears the issue is with the cabling. I swapped the OM4 cable with an OM3 cable and now it works (as well as tried different transceivers). Oddly, this makes even less sense since OM4 should be compatible with OM3 fiber optics.

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