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PXI-6552 + PXIe-5122 Continuous Acquisition using TClk



I'm trying to implement a continuous, and synchronized, acquisition on a system comprising a PXIe-5122 and a PXI-6552.

I'm using TClk to get these 2 devices synchronized as tightly as possible.

The idea is to acquire an analog channel (CH0 on my PXIe-5122) as well as a 16 bits digital bus (Dynamic Channel 0:15 on the 6552) simultaneously and to log data to my HDD-8164 RAID array disk for post processing and analysis.

I could find the simple (simplistic?) "mixedSignalScopeUsingTclk" example on NI's website and tried to adapt this VI to perform continous acquisition.

Unfortunately, the way continuous acquisition is performed on the 5122 (never actually triggers - use pre-triggers samples only) doesn't seem compatible with the way homogeneous triggers work in TClk...

I'm reviewing the TClk documentation and trying different combinations of settings but have not been very successful so far.

Did anyone ever tried to implement such a mixed-signal synchronized acquisition ? Any tips that would allow me get this exemple up and running?

Thanks in advance for your help !

Best regards

Gerald Albertini

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Duplicate post can be found here.

Daniel S.
National Instruments
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