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PXI-6551 temperature and time dependence of channel skew

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Hi All,


What is the temperature dependence of the room-temperature-calibrated channel skew for the HSDIO PXI-6551?  Suppose Dynamic Technology measures (after calibration or 'as left') the channel skew to be 60 ps for channel 3 at 23.2 degC.  How does this value change with temperature? 


There is also probably a known temporal drift.  How much will this vary over a two year period?


Please advise.  I'm looking into the possiblity of using the calibrated channel skew values to obtain higher accuracy.







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Hi Anad,


I don't see any of this in our datasheets, I will need to look into this. Typically we have a range for how temperature affects a measurement, something like +/- X ppm/deg C.




National Instruments
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Accepted by topic author ajog

It looks like Ryan M addressed this in another one of your posts:

using calibration data for PXI-6551 as compensation to obtain higher accuracy


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