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PXI-6534 rewriting IO buffer with DAQmx causes error -200288


I'm trying to rewrite the buffer on the PXI-6534 with the DAQmx drivers, but after some itterations it gives me error -200288. Seems like the previos opperation is not complete, even if I insert the wait function. How can I solve this problem?

Attached is an example of what I'm trying to achive.

- Steinar
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Hi Steinar,

Try setting the DAQmx Write : Regeneration Mode Property to disallow regeneration.  The default regeneration mode for sample clock timing is to allow regeneration.

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I also get error -200288.   I have the NI 6534, DAQmx, C++ outputing::


There is other code, but this is the core of it.  I can send between 1 and 4 GB (yes Gigabytes) of data, and then I get error -200288.  It seem to come at a totally random time, sometimes after about 1 GB, then 3 GB, 0.5 GB. 

Is the fix truly to disable the auto-regeneration mode?


Kip Leitner
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I too am getting the same Error . I tried to modify the buffer , which I think caused the error.

I am ,however unable to modify the DAQmx Write because its a clone.

Obviously, i am not really familiar with labview and I now need to figure out how to modify a clone VI.


Thanks ,

Karthik J.

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