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PXI-6509 waveform

Hi Everybody,


I'm running into an issue and tried to find the answer without sucess. I found some post related but i need to be sure.

I want to generate digital communication using TTL Signal from a PXI-6509. This board does not features counter output.


My original attemtp was to create a basic task with a channel, and call the polymorphic VI and set it up for "digital -> single channel ->  1D waveform" but for some reason i always get kicked out with errors.


On the other hand, by looping on a 1D array of boolean and using a timeout, it does the job. But it does not look as clean as using waveform. Can we use low cost basic digital IOs to generate digital waveforms ?


Best Regards


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No, you can't use a waveform with software timed digital I/O.

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Ok Thank you

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