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PWM from MyRio


Hi All.

I am facing a problem in generating a PWM pulses from two different signals of different frequencies. Like, I want to generate PWM pulses, by comparing a Sine wave of frequency of 50 Hz and a Triangle wave of 1000 Hz (can be increased, between 1 kHz - 10 kHz). With the comparison of these two signals I would get simulated PWM signals, which are to be given to my H-Bridge circuit. But, these generated pulses are unable to collect from NI MyRio-1900, DIO pins. It is comfortable to get PWM pulses from PWM block from MyRio palette (pins 27, 29, and 31) but it is not sufficient for my circuit. (As in this PWM block, only frequency & pulse width are changable).


If any one help in this issue, I would be greatful to you.



thanks & regards,

Vinay Kumar.A

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