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PCIe-6535 replacement for DIO-PCI-32HS (6533)



We are a long time 6533 user and have been told that this PCI card is becoming obsoleted. It was suggested that we migrate to the PCIe-6535 as a replacement. So, spec-wise, this is fine, but I'm unsure about the SW compatbility.


We have been using programmed-IO directly with the PCI registers on the 6533. However, I have been unable to find documentation on the PCIe-6535 regarding any accessible registers at the PCI level.


Can you point me to such documentation for programming at the register level. Is this even supported now, or is going through NIDAQ the only supported method?




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The NI Measurement Hardware Driver Development Kit (DDK) is used for RLP (register level programming). The PCIe 6533 is supported by our DDK for register level programming. The DDK support does not use the normal channels, but there is documentation and examples provided with it's distribution, and a Driver Development Developer Zone Discussion Forum to exchange ideas with other register level programmers and answer each others questions, which is also loosely monitored by National Instruments engineers. Also check out the DDK Register Level Programming Architecture article and the DDKit Frequently Asked Questions article.

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