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PCI5122 error-1074118653

I have 2 PCI-5122 boards, both of them have 32M onboard memery. It's fine to run a program with board1, but failed with board2. 

Which feature of PCI5122 causes this problem expect the onboard memery? Does there any setting should be made? Thanks!


The error report says:


Error -1074118653 occurred at niScope Initiate

Possible reason(s):
Insufficient on-board memory available to perform the acquisition.

Device: Dev2
Property: Number of Samples
Value: 6523438
Maximum Samples per Channel Given Number of Records: 4194204
Property: Number of Records
Value: 1
Maximum Number of Records Given Record Size: 0

Status Code: -200413


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Why do you keep posting to the Digital I/O board instead of the one for NI Scopes?

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Hello LiCat,


I have looked in Error-1074118653 and I have found the following KnowledgeBase about this. It looks like you have specified a record length that is too big for the on board memory. Is this the error you have seen? Have you tried to decrease the record length to see if the error goes away?


The error states that the maximum value of the record length is 4194204 which comes out to 8MB total for that channel. Knowing this information, I have also checked the 5122 product page and there isn't an option for 32MB/ch of onboard memory. The only options are 8MB/ch, 64MB/ch, or 256MB/ch and from the looks over the error, you seem to have the 8MB/ch card.

Jim St
National Instruments
RF Product Support Engineer
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Hi, Jim St, thanks for your help. Maybe this PCI5122 (not PXI5122) is 8MB/Ch. But how can I adjust the memory space from it's appearance? It has 8 pcs MT48LC4M162TG chips, the same as another board. That made me thought they were both 32MB/ch.


Sorry to Dennis Knutson, I did not pay attention to this. Can it be moved to High-Speed Digitizers?

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