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PCI-6542 - generating SPI comunication at high rate



We are considering purchasing the PCI-6542 and the auxiliary cable. we need some help determining if we can reach the SPI data rates we need with the card and the setup we are going to use.


The SPI protocol uses 4 wire (data_in,data_out,clk,strobe) 1.8V logic. the strobe is generated by the master and it is a pulse at the end of each byte. the maximum CLK rate is 100Mhz.


We plan to use the PCI-6542 and use 4 I/Os for this purpose. each I/O is configured to have 50ohm source termination and 1.8V logic. we are  going to use the SHC68-C68-D4 1m 50ohm cable and connect the other end to the DUT board, inside the board each I/O is routed using a 50 ohm line and terminated at an input of a gate - high impedance input.


Will this setup reach the 100Mhz rate? what is the approximate rate we could get from the card+cable?.

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