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PCI 6515 to drive 15VDC IGBTs of an inverter


I'm using PCI 6515 digital outputs to drive a 15 VDC IGBTs of an inverter. I wasn't aware of the idea of sinking and sourcing Digital I/O, and PCI 6515 seems to have sinking digital outputs. According to this page: , I can't power the device (IGBTs) with a sinking output. However, taking a look at the user manual of the PCI 6515:, I found this example circuit: in which it seems that the device (load) is powered with the sinking output!! I'm confused whether I can use the PCI card for my goal or not.

I appreciate your help.


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It seems that you actually can do it, Why do you consider the first document says that no?

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Hi Machop,

According to the example circuit, the load is powered by the power supply first such that the digital output is only sinking the current from the load (not powering it). What I need from my digital output is to power the load (IGBTs of the inverter in my case) by supplying the +15 VDC square waves. 

From what I found in (, PCI 6514 should be used to supply sourcing digital outputs. I was wondering if there is anyway I can modify the PCI 6515 to achieve my goal.

Block diagrams of PCI 6514/6515:
Example circuits of PCI 6514/6515:

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