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PCI-6509 problem

I have a very serious problem with PCI-6509.
(NI Japan has no real technical support division, so I have
been always going on resolution by myself for a long time)

I have built an automatic measurement system with LabVIEW
in which PCI-6509 is to send trigger signals to current generation
devices through MOS FET relays. All channels can get the device
triggered indivisually, but when several channels are simultanously
used a couple of channels become unable to get it triggered.

I have confirmed the "number threshold" and find out half of
each port(8 channels) is the capacity. This must be caused by
less trigger current and the circuit design problem(--;

On the other hand, MOS FET specification is followings:

LED trigger current: avg 1.0mA, max 3.0mA
PCI-6509 current : 24mA

Looking into the specifications above, I cannot understand why
such a problem occured. Can anybody give me practical advice
for the resolution?
Tom(Tomoya) Ito, Japan
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