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PCI-6509 could not be recognized in device manager with Fujitsu Mainboard D3646 Win10Pro

We would like to install a PCI-6509 DIO Card on a Fujitsu Mainboard type D3646 S10 GS1 with Intel i7-8700 processor.

But this card could not be recognized by Windows device manager. 

We tried a brand new PCI-6509 Card as well, we changed the PCI slot, nothing helps. 

The LED on the card is on, so the power should be fine.

We have removed all other cards. 

A PCI GPIB Card is recognized in both available PCI Slots. 

We als tried another Windows 10 PC with a mainboard IMBA Q170-R10 with i5-6500 processor, this was working.


We tried to test both PCI-6509  Cards on a Windows7 PC and the cards are displayed in Windows device manager.

We have updated the BIOS to the newest version, no change.

So, now we think, that this PCI Card ist not compatible with our Fijutsu Mainboard.


Does anybode have a solution for our problem?

In the meantime, we order the same Card in PCI Express Version and we will have further tests.


Thanks in advance 




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