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PCI 6509 Register Level Programming

To Whom is May Concern,

This is a follow up to a post by Tom W of National Instruments. The reply was as follows:


Hi Julian-

It's not clear from the prints you posted which values you are actually writing to the board and at which register offsets. Are you using the MHDDK ChipObjects and/or examples? Can you please start a new thread in the DDK Forum and post some of the code which shows board configuration and register writes/reads?

Thanks- Tom W National Instruments.


No we are not using Measurment Studio or Chip Objects. We are using Ardence RTX. I have attached our code. (Also forwarded by email)

Sorry you won't be able to run it; but you can compile, and the right outputs you can see register offsets etc.

Can you find where we may have gone wrong ?


Julian M.

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In addition to my previous post,

I wanted to mention that my code works with the PCI-6514 and the PCI-6513. The 6509 can output data, but will not configure ports as inputs.

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