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PCI 6503 on a PCI-e with raiser

I am upgrading the motherboard of our test system that uses 6 PCI slots including a PCI 6503 and a PCI-GPIB card. It is difficult to get a motherboard with 6 PCI slots. Question is will the 6503 and GPIB PCI cards work on a PCI-e slots with raisers?


My first thought was to get a PCI expansion system, but it appears this may not be comaptible with NI PCI cards.

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Dear db0070,

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, the use of expansion systems and raisers is not supported by National Instruments.


In terms of upgrading your test system, PCI does not offer a scalable solution. I am wondering whether you have considered one of our other platforms, for example cDAQ, cRIO or PXI. All of which have expansion chassis available.


I would recommend contacting your local National Instruments office to discuss your application, this will allow us to give you the best support we can.


To find your local National Instruments office, please use the following link.

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