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PCI 6503 Low Voltage

Hello NI Community,


I am working with a PCI 6503 which seems to have a max voltage output of 3v instead of +5v.


The card is connected via a 50 pin ribbon to a CB-50 LP block which I have wired to a hall effect sensor that requires at least 4.5v to operate. I cannot get the sensor to work or others like it in NIMAX even though the PCI in present. The voltage reading off the connector block, ribbon, and PCI 6503 all read 3v. I have also confirmed the PCI slot on the computer is capable of +5v output and in all other ports it appears to generate this output. The card is new and I'm not sure how to move forward. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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You should not be using a DIO line to power your hall effect sensor as it may permanently damage your PCI 6503 card as described in the manual.


If you're looking to power your hall effect sensor, use pin49 which can supply up to 1A at 5V.


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