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PC crashes after installing HSDIO

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PC:  Dell vostro-5890, i5 11400F 8G, win 10 system


I try to build a time sequence with PCI-6542. Since the card is too big, I connect the card to my mainboard through a PCIe-PCI patchcord. 


After the connection, PCI-6542 appears in NI-max but with no driver(labeled with a '!'). So I installed HSDIO, and reboot the computer. The computer goes crashed each time on the interface where the password is required. I can enter the system only after unplug the PCI-6542 card.


Do you know that is the problem and how to solve it? Thanks a lot,



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Simple, get a motherboard with a PCI slot.


FYI - PCIe to PCI adapters are not supported by NI cards, it is just because that PCIe to PCI do not function exactly the same as a PCI bus and hence the missing low-level functionalities cause the card to malfunction.

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Thank you so much for your advice!

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