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No response from MAX Test panels in the digital I/O on 6023E

I am using a NI PCI6023E, with a BNC2111 cable and a SH68-68-EP cable. All new.


In the 'Test Panel' from MAX, the 'analog input' as well as the counter I/O works. 

The digital outputs PFI 0, PFI2 and PFI 7 are all on 5 V, CTR 0 and 1 on 0 and 5V, respectively.


When I change the high and low state on Digital I/O, there is no change in the output from the connectors for PF0/2/7. They all stay on 5V.


I am running WinXP.





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Hi Henrik,


The digital I/O test panel on the 6023E controls the pins that are labeled P0.0 through P0.7 in the pinout diagram (or DIO0 through DIO7 in older versions of the pinout diagram), not PFI0 through PFI9. The E Series hardware doesn't support creating digital I/O tasks on the PFI pins, so you can only use them for counter/timer tasks and for timing/triggering signals.



Brad Keryan
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