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Need automatic timestamp collumn, collumn headers, and title in tabdelineate file

After a lot of work and borrowing a for loop and VI, I have the code to this state.  I have the title input, the timestamp(s), the headers, the units...I can't get it to append, however.  Would one of you show me how to get the data from this program to append?  I have the spreadsheet set to append=true and I have the while loop, but every time the program takes data, it writes over the previous data.





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There are a couple of things that I can see here. First, the operation for your Open/Create/Replace File VI is set to replace or create. It will only create the file one time and then replace it each successive iteration of your while loop. This could be one thing that is going on. Also, I'm not sure why you have chosen to combine the write to text file and the write to spreadsheet to the same file path. I don't think that this will give you what you are looking for. If you want to add the headers and all the rest of your pre-data information to your spreadsheet file then you can just call the Write to Spreadsheet first and write that to it, and then when you call it again passing it the same file path, use the append to file and it will place your data below your headers.


Chris W

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