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Need a camera for following specification

Sir, My application goes of this sort.The items arrive on a conveyor belt at speed upto 1.5 items per second. Conveyor Belt Dimension: Width 1.5 ft, length:5 feet The requirement of Camera are 1. Atleast 2Mega pixel camera 2. Capture at highspeed (objects moving at speeds upto 33 metres/minute) 3. Fast interface for Capture (USB/Camera link/GigE) 4. Camera SDK and driver availability for Labview 5. Interface and Cable to trigger Camera Image capture Sensor: 1. Which sensor will be appropriate 2. What is the mechanism to trigger the Camera directly or through Labview 3. Should be able to operate at high speeds
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For a completely specced out system, I might reccomend getting in touch with your local contact. You can find out who that is here:


I believe that someone in our department has also been contacted by you via email, but I'm not sure what the result of that was. 

Chris Van Horn
Applications Engineer
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