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NIMAX simulating a device for Non NI application

I am currently developing a .Net application for my company that required the use of USB6525 Dig I/O.
I am awaiting delivery of NEw USB6525s from NI so thought I could simulate them in NIMAX for the .Net App to be able to use whilst being set up.
This does not seem to be possible as I am unable to toggle inputs or display outputs through NIMAX for the .Net App to be able to see.
As soon as I run a task or start the "test Panels" of a simulated device the .Net App is locked out of the device by NIMAX.
Any ideas how to allow the .Net App to access the simulated device and allow I/O simulation via NIMAX ?
( NIDAQMX 19.6 & associated NIMAX)

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Hi @PeterGillham


Have you seen this link below?


It seems you are running into a limitation as the device is reserved when running test panels. 


Kind Regards,
Technical Support Engineer
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