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NI9403 input/output setting

Hello everybody,


I'm total beginner in measuring and using NI software, so I'm sorry for possible stupidity of my question 🙂 I'd like to connect optoelectronic incremental displacement transducer to NI9403 module as a counter. But when I'm creating a new task in Measurement & Automation Software, I can't find my module in supported physical channels (New Task -> Acquire Signals -> Counter input -> Position -> Linear -> Supported physical channels). I think I have to set up input channel but I don't know where.


Thank you


Kind regards



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Dear Loobosh,

NI-9403 has only digital I/O, so you can't use it for tasks requiring counters.

I don't really see an easy way to implement what you want. If you are using the module in a CompactRIO chassis, you would be able to design your own custom counter and perform those measurements on FPGA.

I also found an example that shows how you can use digital input to perform encoder measurements, but it also requires a counter for synchronization:



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Hi Mateusz,


thanx for your advice. I think I should try to design my own counter in LabView 🙂






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