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NI USB 6210

Hi, I have the NI USB 6210 device for a low current measurement test I'm developing. I am currently trying to calibrate - what is the current in the circuit depending on the result of the USB 6210, and I noticed that when I supply low voltages then the results are not accurate...

There is this command - nidaqmx.constants.ADCTimingMode(14713) - BEST_50_HZ_REJECTION that should Improves 50 Hz noise, and I think this will solve the problem of inaccuracy at low currents.

I want to add this to the same task from which I read the value of the device.

I would appreciate it if you could help me how it can be implemented.

Or for additional ideas that can help me make the test more accurate.







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Have you considered the accuracy specifications of 6210 for measuring such small voltages? 

Soliton Technologies

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