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NI SBRIO 9632 : Question on 2 Flash/per Second Error on LED

Hey All,


So i'm using the sbRio 9632 and i'm trying to upload to it. Where the trouble began was when I started uploading to the ni board. Upon completing the upload, an error occured (unfortunately I did not note the what error it was). Afterwards, I lost the target and the ni board was nolonger visible and also not communicating. 


I looked at the LED indicator and it is showing a 2 flash/per second error which incidicates that something went wrong with the upload and the NI board software needs re-installing. The manual referred me to the Measurement & Automation Help topics to install the software, but I am unsuccessful in finding how to do so. I would greatly appreciate any tips in getting this board back into working condition. Please let me know if you need anymore information. 



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Hi Franky,


Should be straightforward to get your Single-Board RIO back in a usable state.


This tutorial walks through (re)installing Software on a CompactRIO (or Single-Board RIO) target.


If you are having any issues detecting the target in MAX (Measurement and Automation Explorer), then these tutorials walk through debug techiques.


For software purposes, CompactRIO and Single-Board RIO are essentially interchangable.  The underlying hardware architecture between both targets is the same, so the process to load software or compile code is the same.  I didn't want you to be alarmed that I'm pointing you to CompactRIO turtorials.


Hope this helps,


National Instruments

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Hey Spex,

Thanks for the detailed answer! I'll let you know what happens!

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