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NI PCIe-6536B digital I/O - hardware & software (NI-DAQmx driver) installation issue

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I have started working on a development system that has had a NI PCIe-6536B digital I/O card installed. Also installed is the NI-DAQmx 16.0 driver software. However, I am unable to find my NI PCIe-6536B card under Windows 7 or Windows 10 (both x64, both with NI-DAQmx 16.0) in the Device Manager: nothing jumps out at me as being that card. On Windows 10 (x32, with both Traditional NI-DAQ and NI-DAQmx 16.0 installed) I see a device called "PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller" and I can even install the PCIe-6536B driver for it and see it in NI-MAX, but it doesn't work. NI-MAX shows error -50150 / Software is in a bad state, and reset/self test/configure all give the same error.


From the manual it sounds like the card was supposed to have auto-detected in Windows after installation of the physical media. (a) How should the card show up in Device Manager if appropriate drivers haven't been associated with it yet? (b) Could what I'm seen be caused by an incompatibility between my card and my system, damage to the card or improper installation, etc.? For what it's worth: there is a solid lit green LED on the card.

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02-20-2017 08:40 AM

A few thoughts, if you are seeing it in NI MAX, then I would be expecting it to show up in Windows Device Manager. Can you post screenshots of the devices and interfaces tab of NI MAX, and your Device Manager?


Also if your computer has another PCIe slot in it, I would try moving the card to the other slot. I doubt that your PCI slot is broken, but its an easy test, and worth a shot. 


Another idea, is that you may have some firmware denying the DAQmx Software. You could disable it temporarily and try to see the device. 


Lastly, maybe the DAQmx driver was corrupted during installation. Here is a download to the newest version of DAQmx 16.0.1


LINK to DAQmx:


Spencer R | NI

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I am definitely planning on removing, inspecting for visible damage, and reinstalling the card in another slot as my next step. That's a great idea. It rules out a lot of possible problems. I also have a separate card I can try if I still can't get the one working.


What do you mean by "some firmware denying the DAQmz software"? Where would I go to temporarily disable it?


If all that fails I will also try installing DAQmx 16.0.1 from the link you provided. I'll post an update once I have had a chance to test these steps out. Thanks for your help.

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That’s great, having another card really helps when troubleshooting. 


As for the firmware comment, I misspoke, I meant to say firewall issues, but considering your issues aren't connecting over a network this is irrelevant. 


Please comment on the results of your testing and if you found a solution.


Spencer R | NI

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Thanks for your help - physically getting in there and removing, swapping and reseating the card did the trick. I uninstalled the driver, removed and inspected the card (no obvious visible damage or problems with card or slot), reinstalled the drivers, and then installed a new card in an adjacent PCIe slot. The root cause could have been the driver/card installation order, a problem with the card or a problem with the PCIe slot. We are still looking into that. If we get an answer on what it ultimately was, I will try to remember to update this thread.


I also found the information listed here very helpful:


In conjunction with your advice, this is what I used to come up with the reinstallation plan I carried out.

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