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NI PCIe-6536 DAQ Card I/O Cable

I am currently using the NI PCIe-6536 DAQ Card.  My application would require a 3m I/O cable.  I know you can purchase a 1m cable, but does NI offer a 3m cable?  If not, can you make a recommendation?

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Hello Auroramri,


Welcome to the NI Forums!  We currently offer the following cables for the PCIe-6536:


1m Unshielded

1m Shielded

1.5m Flying-Lead


Unfortunately, we do not offer a 3m cable--typically customers try to minimize their cable length for high speed applications.  If you give me a little more information about your application I will see if there is anything else that I can recommend.  Thanks for posting and have a great day!



John Passiak
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