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NI-NAX Software Rewiring



I recently came in posession of a newer DAQ the USB-6361 with the BNC-2111 terminal box attachment.  Both are enclosed cases which do not allow for the wiring of certain channels together.  I am under the impression that it is possible to "rewire" through software using NIMAX.  I just can't find any evidence that this is actually possible.  I really need to wire P0.7 and P1.7 together for triggering purposes.  Could I get some help on this?


Thanks in advance,

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Sometimes it is possible to route two connections, internally, for a device using software. However, for the USB-6361, there are no such routes from P0.7 and P1.7. Perhaps you can explain a little more about what you are trying to do, for triggering, and then someone can suggest an alternative.


Just be aware, depending on your application, your only option might be to get a different terminal box, one which would allow you access to those pins, such as the SCB-68A/B. 

Matthew R.
Field Applications & Systems Engineer
National Instruments



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So here is where I went wrong.  There were a lot of devices installed through NI-MAX so I decided to clean house and reinstal them.  Upon doing this and testing each internal trigger I got stuck on the USB-6361.  I had previously had a BNC connecting PFI 7/P 1.7 and PFI 0/P 1.0 on the BNC-2111.  I was not the person who origonally set up the device and therfore I do not how to get it back to the way it was before I cleaned house.


As for the specific application, I really do not have one in mind.  I am just trying to make sure that all our DAQ's are ready to go.  For my purposes I usually can get a trigger channel set up.  There are cases when we would want to collect timed sweeps of data (like 30 second clips).  For this I believe an internal trigger is needed.


Note-I am mainly using an obscure software called Mr. Kick II and it is what requires these two channels to be tied together for the internal trigger.





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There are 2:1 BNC splitters readily available. What is the problem with using one of those?
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You might need to elaborate a bit.  Are you talking about using that to send a trigger channel to both PFI 0 and PFI 7?  Because for this application I am wanting to do a timed internal trigger.





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