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NI 9924 wiring

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I have a NI 9924 and I would like to wire a BNC connector to the terminals. After doing so, I'd like to connect it to my NI 9401 so I can output a TTL signal from it that will go to the BNC connector. I am unsure about how to go about the wiring. Any help would be appreciated, I have included screenshots of my equipment. 

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You can try connection using the PDF file in the attachment.


NI Technical Support

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Use the image below for reference,

If you are going to use DI0 you'll need to use pin 14 for the signal and pin1 for COM,take into cosideration that all COM lines are internally connected to isolated ground.

Also take special care in the current that you are going to drive from each line.

This module is more intended for communications rather than for driving something if your are not carefull you can damage it.




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