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NI 9482 minimum current rating


I have an application with two signals to be switched:
1.2-1.8A 18V
<1mA 3,3V (logic input with a 10k pull-down).

I would like to use a single device for both signals and NI 9482 meets the higher-current requirements, but it has no specification of minimum current nor details about relays or their contacts. Can I use this module? If not, what module could I use? I can use either CompactDAQ or USB interface devices.


Thank you.

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Hey Paulius,


There doesn't seem to be a minimum for the relays. 


However for best advise i recommend contact your local NI sales department directly. The engineers there will be able to help you in choosing appropriate hardware.




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Hi Jelmer,

Thank you for replying. Your link has a white-space stuck to it. Fixed link.

The article concerns reed relays while the device I am asking about has electromechanical. Depending on contact material and relay design, the answer might be different.

I took your advice and sent a message to sales and will update the topic when they reply.

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