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NI 9474 TTL cDAQ-9178

Hi, I was wondering if a cDAQ-9178 chassis paired with a NI 9474 module would be capable of creating (3) unique 0-5V TTL signal? Would there be any obvious disadvantages to taking this route?


Thanks for your help in advance.


If anyone is interested in application to help guide the discussion:


I am trying to create 3 TTL signals to send to a PFI signal driver box, which will drive 3 fuel injectors. The 3 fuel injectors will be driven independent of each other to achieve different flowrates.





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Simplifying this a lot more:


Can I create 3 unique square waves (50% duty cycle) with varying frequencies with a NI9474 module paired with a cDAQ-9178 chassis?

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Yes, this can be done.  Depending on the speed.  You have 4 counters available in the 9178 that can be used to generate a pulse train.

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