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NI 9375 current specification



I'm trying to get my head around the NI-9375 continuous output current from the data sheet. The NI-9375 card is obviously a 16 DI / 16DO module, and with "all channels on" (presumably this is only referring to the 16 Digital output channels and not all 32 I/O??) the max current is 125mA per channel (16 x 125mA = 2 amps) and if only 1 channel is on that 1 channel can safely deliver 500mA, but then it states only 0.25 A² for the entire module and i don't understand this as 0.25² is only 62.5mA. Clearly i'm not understanding the datasheet?? Can anyone explain? 



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Hey udtwmc1,


Have you seen the calculation on page 5? This might help part of this.

The other part is that Power = I^2*R. It's just a relationship between the power of the module and the resistance - I'd just make sure you follow the calculation on page 5 and you should be fine 🙂



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