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NI-6528 connector and cable



   I am looking at the connector pin out for the NI6528 and the recommended cable SH100-100-F and they do not match up. The connector on the board looks to be grouped by pairs, ie 1 and 2, 3 and 4, and so on.  The cable is paired in 2's as well, but the twisted pair's are 1 and 51, 2 and 52, and so on. This seems to indicate that the differential pairs are separated and not together like they should be. How big of a problem is this if the cable is only 1 meter in length? Should I look for/design my own cable, or can this still work, or am I missing something simple and silly?

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Hello _Dmitri_,


You are missing the connector block. We recommend this connector block for using the NI-6528


This way you can reference the pins you want from the NI-6528 and be able to make the pairs as you want. Following the datasheet and pin outs of your board.

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   Thank you for your reply. It seems weird to me, but it looks like I can make this work by cutting the cable in half and running the cut end from the '28 to the box and then the other connector to the box and on to its destination. For giggles and grins, I am putting the snips of the cable and board connectors to make sure I am on the same page as you. It still seems odd to me that there should be a required interface piece between the board and cable.





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Ok, the box is not between the cable and the card. The cable is between the board and the box. 

This way all connections you make should be done in the box in order to be using the board. This is how we communicate the card with the other device you are trying to connect to the board.

I don't think you have another interface that can connect to the exact same cable and communicate with the board directly. 

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Thanks for the help. I was told the pairing doesn't matter for the application we are using. I copied this text to a folder for later reference, though.

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