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MyRio and 24VDC pneumatic valve solenoid



I have a project where I need to control 21 pneumatic solenoid valves and I'm gonna be given a MyRio board to control them using LabView program. I did some research and it seems like controling board outputs with LabView is not a problem.

These valves are 24VDC 0.7/0.9W and I guess that controling them directly from the board might damage it, so I came up with an idea to use some transistors to boost the current using external supply.

The problem is that I don't know much about electronics and I'd like to ask you to prepare a schematic for me. It would be great also, if you could write down part's numbers I will have to buy. I guess there is gonna be some Mosfets, maybe a flyback diodes to connected to coil to avoid spikes?


As I said I don't know much about electronics but I will appreciate any tip.


Sorry for any mistakes made - english is not my native 🙂 


Thanks in advance.

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Hello again,


After doing some research, I came up with and idea to use ULN2803A chip:


I have created a schematic attached, could someone confirm it is correct?



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Your circuit looks good electrically and will work.

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