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Measure Frequency 6212

I have a NI 6212 and a Davis Anemometer.. i want measure wind speed with ni 6212.. The anemometer rotate a 0.8 m/s and produce a pulse of 1Hz.. I want connect the anemometer with ni 6212 an measure the frequency..




i connect the red to +5V (out of ni 6212) and black to PFI but i dont understand where connect to ni 6212

can you help me??

tank you and sorry for my english..


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Hi Loopin3,


you has to connect your black wire to the Counter Source of 6212 device. (PFI0 for counter0, PFI3 for counter1).



Simone S.
Academic Field Engineer - Med Region
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I´m doing the same proyect with the same anemometer but with a 6008 DAQ, how did you solve the counter restar, or what did you use as main program ?



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