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Is there an PCI or PCIe Differential IO card available to measure differential encoder?

I have a system where I need to collect position data from a differential encoder.  I know there is an option to do this using a Cdaq chassis with a NI 9411 Module but it would require me to reconfigure my system.  Write now I have available PCI slots in the pc.  My question is, is there an available PCI or PCIe differential Digital Input card available?

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Would an IC like the 26LS32 be an option ?

Do you really need the inverted signals ?

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Right now I've been getting away with using a Encoder Anti Dithering Module from BEI.  To transform the differential feedback signal to a RSE signal so the TTL driver can detect the pulses.  However I have also had to incorporate digital filtering in software due to noise and jitter due to vibrations in the system.  I'm hoping a differential input module with help me eliminate the BEI Module an help with the jitter.  I'm not familar with the 26LS32 IC, I'm assuming it is a similar device as the BEI Module I'm currently using.

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