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I need to use 5V TTL signal for my board.

I need to generate 5V TTL signal for my board.

Can anyone suggest which NI card I can use to generate this signal.

I guess NI-7868R or 7854R can generate up to 3.3V TTL signal, please confirm this.


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You can always add a logic level translator.

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What other details are associated with this signal?  Is it a "static" signal?  Is it a clock?  If so, what frequency?  Is it a communication signal?  If so, what data rate?

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What EXACTLY do you mean by "5V TTL"?

Do you mean +5V is logic high?

Or do you really mean 1966 vintage 74 series TTL?  "A TTL input signal is defined as "low" when between 0 V and 0.8 V with respect to the ground terminal, and "high" when between 2 V and VCC (5 V)" (Wikipedia).

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