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How to use digital output in elvis (1st generation)

Dear Expert,

Currently I'm still using old version of NI Elvis. The problem is, I was trying to connect the push button from labview to real LED which are available on the NI Elvis board. As usual, I used DAQ Assistant to set up the digital line output for LED. There are three groups of port available. Which output is suitable to be used?. The board has 4 PFI/O, 8 Digital output and 8 Digital input. Which output can be used to connect with digital device such as LED or buzzer. Thank you

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Hello Zainudin, 


You will need to output from a digital output. The NI Elvis will not be able to directly drive an LED in most case. You will need to use an LED driver or transistor to drive the led. 



Michael Fay  

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You misunderstood my question. What I mean, how to connect the digital output from ni elvis to led. Which suitable port and line should be selected. Instead of using Programmable Function Input output (limited to 5 lines), can we use Digital output /input (16 lines) (indicated in the picture) which is already dedicated for Ni Elvis Digital Reader or Writer. If can,which port and line should be selected when we set up the DAQ Assistant. If cannot, which alternative digital input output line can be used in case all PF linNi Elvis DIO lines positionNi Elvis DIO lines positiones are fully occupied. Thank you

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