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How to detect board(PCI-6503) is in protected/fail-safe mode and to leave it



I am looking to see if there is a way to detect if a DIO board (PCI-6503) is in fail-safe mode after a power surge via software and to be able to reset/leave that mode. 

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To add more clarification for the issue:


the PCI-6503 card is currently used for triggering subsequent actions within our product and it is important that we are able to detect when the card has entered fail-safe mode and is no longer capable of responding to pin action so that we can make sure to reset it without having prolonged periods of undetected downtime which is unacceptable for us. 

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You can reset the device from NI-MAX or use APIs.



Note, Reset Device is a non-blocking call, after calling this API, poll the device using Self-test to check if recovered from reset.


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Where can I find the documentation to be able to poll the state of the board via the API? The solution has to be programmable without manual intervention, preferably in C as the current implementation that utilizes the boards is written using that language interfacing with the registers.

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