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How do I close the contact in my NI-9481 based on a temp. value

I am trying to cinfigure my NI-9481 module to close the contact when a certain temperature is achieved.  I have another input module that reads the temperature from four different thermocouples.  I would like to use the value from one of those thermocouples to activate the relay.
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Howdy j,


You can use a DAQmx Digital Output task to control the relays on a 9481. For example, outputtinga True/High to port0/line0 on the 9481 would close relay 0 on the 9481, I believe. (I may have it backwards: a True might open the relay, not close it.) Therefore, you would have one DAQmx Analog Input task reading temperatures on your thermocouple module. Use software to compare that temperature value against whatever limit you want, and close/open relays on the 9481 as you see fit.


For examples on hardware communication with your 9481, please see  KnowledgeBase 4PSF9EE9: Where Can I Find LabVIEW or LabWindows/CVI Example Programs Specifically for...

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