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How can I interface a GPS module with the sbRIO 9636?

Hello all,



I need to interface an EM-406A GPS module with the sbRIO 9636 development board and parse the NMEA message from the GPS to extract the latitude, longitude, and heading for use later. I am new to LabVIEW and don't even understand how to connect the GPS module to the board's RS232 port. All help is appreciated.




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Hi Josh


It will depends on how your want to communicate with the device, the easiest way is to use the serial port in the real time side or a little more challenging way using the FPGA, here is a forum with more information and some links that might get you started.


How to Learn NI LabVIEW


Self-Paced Video Training for Students


Serial Communication Starting Point


LabVIEW VISA Tutorial



Esteban R.

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Thanks for the reply and links Esteban,


Easier is definitely better for me. The GPS module uses TX and RX for serial communication so I think I would like to connect it to the RS232 port on the board. I'll check your links for info on how to connect it.




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