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Heat Exchanger Controller

I have a couple of Heat Exchangers that I'm trying to get to communicate with lab view and have been unsuccesfull so far. I have a working program that sends the correct voltage to the machine but I can't seem to get it to turn on and I'm running out of ideas as to why. I'm sure im using the right device pinouts and everything seems to be in working order. I'm measuring the correct voltages at the device plug but I can't start the heat exchanger in remote mode. I'm sending a 24V signal via power supply through a NI 9482 electromechanical relay to the Pump control pin. I have verified the voltage is getting to the machine correctly with a multimeter. Any ideas what im missing?

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Just to be clear, the 9482 is correctly providing voltage to the Heat Exchanger, but the Heat Exchanger is not turning on? If that is the case, a manual for the Heat Exchanger might be helpful for us to look at, or looking at forums from that company may help you as well. Also, do you see the same behavior on all of the machines?

Madison T
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Thank you for the reply it was a simple wiring mix up. I was trying to send 24V to the controller but it wanted to do the opposite. I had to change it so I was controlling by providing a path to ground instead of trying to supply it with 24V. Just misread my diagram!

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