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Has Anyone Used TSSI TD-Scan or TD-Sim?

Wondering if anybody has any experience with TSSI TD-Scan for National Instruments and/or TD-Sim? I will be using the HSDIO NI PXIe-6548 and was wondering how useful TD-Scan/Sim was for importing and comparing waveforms versus using the Digital Waveform Editor. There is no mention of TD-Sim anywhere on NI, and on the TSSI website it only has a brief description of doing the same thing TD-Scan does, but adds the capability for VCD and EVCD files. Any advice/info would be great, thanks

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The TD-Scan for NI software is compatible with the PXIe-6548.  What kind of files are you trying to import?  Basically, the Digital Waveform Editor has some file importing capability itself such as ASCII and VCD files, however if you need to import WGL or STIL files you need the TD-Scan for NI software.


LabVIEW API also exists that works with the output of the TD-Scan software.  You can download this API from this page.


The above tutorial also walks you through the use of the TD-Scan software and some of its functionality.  We also have a video that shows how you can use the software to import WGL/STIL vectors here (


Also, feel free to request an evaluation version of the software if you want to play around with it on this site (  Once you have evaluated the software, you can purchase the software directly from TSSI.


Thanks a lot.

Raajit L
National Instruments
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