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HSDIO multiple waveform within one session


I am using Labview 8.2.1 with a PXI 6552 in an application that control a chip with a I2C interface for a production test.

My problem is that each time I am reading or writting through to the I2C, I have to open a new session which take some times. In order to optimize my test time I try to open a session and write different waveform but it won't let me. The first 2 writings are ok but pm the 3rd one I get a memory error while it try to write the new waveform:

Error -1074115896 occurred at niHSDIO Write Named Waveform (1D U32).vi

Possible reason(s):
Driver Status:  (Hex 0xBFFA4AC8) DAQmx Error -200311 occurred:
Measurements: You cannot write data outside the boundaries of your waveform.

Make sure you are not trying to write more data than your waveform can accomodate and that your write location and write offset are set correctly.

Status Code: -200311

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Hi Vu,

There are multiple ways for you to generate multiple waveforms. One idea is to download multiple waveforms to the boards before you start (each waveform must have it's own "waveform name"). Before you call initiate, you set the active waveform and then initiate. Once this waveform is done, you set your active waveform again and call initiate. The driver ships with an example called "Dynamic Generation of Multiple Waveforms" that demonstrates the process I just described.

The error that you are getting is because you are rewriting the same waveform with more data that it was originally allocated.

Please give this a try and let me know how this works.

Juan Carlos
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Hey Juan,

Ok that's what I need I think. I am gonna try that, Thanks!

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Hi Vu,
I'm new in Labview developpment and my first task is to develop an I2C interface with PXI-6552.
Could you help me, please?
Have you got some files availuable?
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Hi tt44,

There aren't any National Instruments examples currently. This thread discusses how you might do I2C interfacing with a 6552. Please post back if you have any questions.
Ryan D.
District Sales Manager for Boston & Northern New England
National Instruments
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