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HSDIO: Stream Acquisition from Memory

Hi All,


I have found an example from NI example finder, i.e. Stream Acquisition from Memory, which is without usage of any external hardware like RaidArray. 


Currently I need to acquire more sample than the amount limited by PXI-6552, (which is 8M sample only). I have tried the "Large Buffer" example, it's obviously give more space to acquire but the maximum samples allowed is also 8M sample only. 


So, my question is, 


1. the example Stream Acquisition from Memory can use together with TClk ? I am using 3 HSDIO PXI-6552 to increase the number of channels.


2. in my case (not enough acquisition memory), is there any better solution for it ? I have to keep current hardware, i.e. PXI-6552. 


Thanks and please advise.  



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Hello .. any1 there could give any idea about the usage of HSDIO Stream Acquisition example in the code below (with TClk) ?

Here I attached the screenshot. Thanks, Please advise.






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